6 February 2014
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6 February 2014,

On Wednesday February 5, 2014 David Brown, Managing Partner of Brown Immigration Law, testified at the State Capitol in favor of LR399 and Immigration Reform.  The Legislative Resolution is intended to express support for H.R. 15, the Democratic House Resolution which generally mirrors the Senate Immigration Bill that was passed last June; it also tells the Nebraska federal delegation to support this reform measure, something the delegation has not publicly done.

Click here to read David Brown’s Testimony on LR-399.

Given that Immigration Reform failed to advance in the House in 2013 it is important to keep the pressure on now.  There are a variety of ways in which candidates can express their support, whether directly to one’s Congressional Representative, or through an organized national campaign such as Fwd.US, Immigration Works, or Bibles, Badges, and Business, to name a few.  Be sure to have your voice heard if you want to change this system for the better.


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