1 July 2013
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1 July 2013,

On July 1st, E-Verify deployed a new email notification process notifying employees when an employer receives a Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC). The new form I-9 which became mandatory for employers on May 7, 2013, allows employees to provide an email address in Section 1 (this is optional on the form). If an Employee provides an email address on the form I-9, Employers must to provide the email in E-Verify. Email notifications to employees will inform the employee if a TNC is issued, remind the employee to take action after four days, and confirm once the employee’s work authorization has been verified. Employees may also receive emails from E-Verify advising that they contact the Social Security Administration to correct an issue with SSA. Please Note: Employers must continue to notify employees of TNCs, their right to contest, and provide the referral form when an employee chose to contest the TNC.

More information can be found on the USCIS website, along with a list of upcoming free E-Verify Webinars.

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