6 February 2014
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6 February 2014,

Those familiar with Silicon Valley know that talent is often in short supply given the tremendous size of the local tech industry. The shortage causes firms to look far and wide for the best and brightest, and this often involves international hires. In an effort to support its portfolio companies Sequoia joined with Hired.com to extend the reach of start-up recruiting to every continent in the world. In January Hired.com launched their foreign auction portal and interested talent started to apply. Applicants were screened for high level technical skills, English language skills and reviewed for suitability for H-1B filings. Brown Immigration Law has assisted Hired and Sequoia with the development of the pre-auction criteria to ensure only qualified candidates make it into the applicant pool and we will be supporting this auction throughout with the end goal of helping interested employers find the right talent. As the first of its kind international auction it underscores how difficult talented engineers are to find. We look forward to ensuring this talent finds its way to our shores. For more information please visit fortune.cnn’s original reporting on this. http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/tag/sequoia-capital/

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