Mission crop

Our Advantage:

Experience – our track record in success and clients served is unique – we’ve worked with leaders in many industries.

Location – “Midshoring” gets you the benefit of highly skilled attorneys and paralegals at a lower overhead.

Technology – we have all the latest valuable technology at our disposal.

Accessibility – in the middle of the country we are an hour off Eastern and 2 ahead of Pacific, allowing us to represent multijurisdictional clients with ease.

Advocacy – we’ve worked with many congressional offices and maintain excellent relationships with USCIS/DOS to work through tough cases.

Exclusivity – we don’t try to pretend we are tax or corporate or family lawyers, we only concentrate in one field – immigration.

Added bonus – Same day filings of I-140/AOS petitions when needed.

We are client focused and driven by customer service, and provide solutions that other attorneys haven’t considered.