6 February 2017
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6 February 2017,

Important Update on President Trump’s Executive Order Related to Entry/Visas

As of the original Federal Court’s decision on Saturday to issue a Temporary Restraining Order, and with the Appeal Court’s rejection of an attempted Stay of that Temporary Restraining Order, the Executive Order (EO) issued on January 27th by President Trump currently is of no force or effect.  As a result, the government is operating now as if the EO was never issued.

While that is a very positive outcome and a relief to millions of immigrants who are concerned about travel we recommend that everyone pay attention to this issue as it is highly dynamic and could change quickly.  For anyone concerned about being caught in the middle of this current legal battle, the best way to avoid any issues is to remain in the U.S.

At this point our warning relates to individuals from the seven listed countries who are in the U.S. (or seeking to travel to the U.S.) on a visa.  Individuals who fall into this category should not leave the U.S., or should reenter as soon as possible.  And while DHS has publicly proclaimed there are no other countries that will be added to the list of seven, if you are concerned about the possibility of your country being added and you are in a non-immigrant status then you should consider remaining in the U.S.

We obviously at this point look to the federal courts to provide a final clarification on what if any part of the Executive Order will remain in place.  Please join us on February 16th at 1pm CST for an in-depth update on the status of the Executive Order and what we advise current clients to consider. Register here.

** This newsletter/memo is provided for informational and discussion purposes only. It does not act as a substitute for direct legal contact on an individual basis **

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