16 September 2016
Category News Room
16 September 2016,

With the start of the new fiscal year beginning October 1, 2016, several backlogged categories will become current, including: EB-2, Philippines; EB-1 and EB-4, India; EB-1, China; and EB-2 for Mexico and areas of other chargeability. We will also see significant progression in priority dates for EB-2 and EB-3, China, moving up to March 1, 2013 and May 1, 2014, respectively. EB-2, India and EB-3, Philippines will also see some movement, with priority dates of April 22, 2009 and September 1, 2013, respectively.

Earlier this year, USCIS suggested it was considering allowing employment-based applicants to use the “Dates for Filing” starting in October of 2016—however, it is yet to be confirmed whether or not it will do so.  October Visa Bulletin


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