9 November 2016
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9 November 2016,

As you likely know, the election of Donald Trump is likely to have a direct impact on Immigration policy. Unfortunately, other than offering to “build a wall”, launch a deportation force, limit immigration from hostile countries, end DACA, and scrap many existing trade deals, he has set no expectation as to how he will tackle the issue of immigration. That said, because he will enter the White House with a majority in both houses, we expect that many recent Republican immigration restrictions will be reintroduced in the coming session. Many centrist Republicans have announced that they will not support the building of a wall or a Muslim ban, so there is a possible roadblock to some of the most extreme policy proposals. However, we should prepare for the possibility that:

·         DACA may be phased out;

·         The TN visa category may see some changes or disappear altogether, based on Trump’s promise to “scrap NAFTA”;

·         There may be more restrictions on entry/visa issuance – so strategic travel planning will be important as the system adjusts;

·         We might see more regulation of several non-immigrant visa classifications; and

·         There may be a push for mandatory use of E-Verify.

We will be paying close attention to new policy proposals and draft legislation introduced in the new year and will advise our clients of both positive and negative developments. Please know, however, that there are no immediate repercussions as a result of the election, and until we see proposals for substantive law or policy, it will be difficult to advise in this period of uncertainty.  The only thing that is certain is that we should expect change – the question remains whether it will be limited to issues of undocumented workers, or whether we will see broader changes impacting the business and family aspects of immigration.

We will be in touch once we have a better idea of what to expect going forward and how to respond proactively.


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