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What we do merges innovation and excellence with service to others who are seeking to contribute in a country that is not their native land. The entrepreneurs, scientists, and business leaders we support are making our country and our world a better place, and our support of their immigration needs is key to making it all happen. We truly sit at the nexus of innovation and humanity, as we help on a personal issue for a key business and personal benefit.

If you’re currently a law student, 1L, 2L, or 3L, you will soon decide which type of attorney you will be. If you have a passion for helping others, supporting new technologies and innovations, and having an impact on our collective future, consider applying. At Brown Immigration Law, we are a boutique firm, meaning we focus entirely on immigration matters. We reflect and emphasize seven core values that are sure to make you a better student and lawyer when your time to graduate comes. If you see the potential of becoming an immigration lawyer, we invite you to explore our current opportunities and apply now to any that are of interest to you.

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