Brown Immigration Law PC, LLO possesses more than 20 years of combined Blue Chip legal experience in immigration law assisting a large number of industry leaders.

David was resourceful, helpful, and very professional in our first dealings. I was hired into a senior leadership position and he made the transition on the immigration side seamless. After securing my non-immigrant status he went to work on my green card. I dragged along the process, but David kept me on schedule. I chose to leave the company and I found another senior position running a small start up. As part of the agreement, I wanted David to be able to help me with future immigration needs. He ultimately filed my green card application and while it was pending out company was bought and I found yet a third employer. It was stressful to break new ground in immigration law when needing your status to work and achieve company objectives. Despite my career changes David stuck with me, always knew the most important and relevant aspects of my case, and convinced the government I was an Alien of Extraordinary Ability. I don’t think this would have been possible without his help. The third employer liked what he did so much, he’s been immigration counsel for all employees five years running.

Senior Exec., CA Tech Industry

Thank you for all of your efforts, you are the real deal…and again you are the greatest damn attorney that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

VP Tech, Midwest after getting EB-1 green card in 5 months

I approached the Green Card process with much trepidation and fear, and it was also a new thing for my management team to deal with. David held our hands throughout the process and was always available for questions and advice pre-green card and after green card. The process went very smooth and I recommend to help with future immigration issues for our staff. He’s since helped our organization tremendously.

Academic in NY

Border applications are very nervous occasions for me. I’ve had my share of difficult immigration inspectors. David prepared a very professional looking submission and coached me on what to say, and what not to say. He even selected a port that was friendly to my type of application. Despite how difficult the Management Consultant application process can be, and having been denied previously, he made it a smooth and easy experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my consulting project. I’ve recommended David’s team to countless people since.

Non-profit consultant, CA

David and his firm represented a multinational tech company I worked for based in the Bay Area for 10 years when I left the company. I found my way back to tech 2 years later and immediately recommended David and his team when my new employer had significant problems getting results from a large international immigration law firm. David immediately won employees over with his hands’ on approach and he fixed all of the problem cases expertly and efficiently (as fast as he could given how slow USCIS moves!)! He even recognized a fix for one of our executives the other firm had not contemplated. We’ve been thrilled with the work and outcome his firm has delivered the last three years!

Snr HR Director, Mobile Tech Dev Company

I first worked with David Brown and his team starting in 2012 with Brown took over for our San Francisco based immigration law firm. He immediately set our mind at ease with hiring a Midwest law firm, with his attention to our employees and excellent work. After working with Brown for four years I asked my new employer to transfer their cases soon after I arrived. David immediately found some issues that were concerns for us and helped us resolve some problems as soon as he took over. We value the work Brown does to keep our employees in status and focused on the task at hand, not their immigration process!

HR Mgr, previously in Fin Tech, now in Pharma

Brown Immigration Law PC, LLO possesses more than 20 years of combined Blue Chip legal experience in immigration law assisting a large number of industry leaders.