9 September 2015
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9 September 2015,


As of today September 9th, Department of State issued the October 2015 Visa Bulletin with an important new set up – it now contains two charts for Family and Employment Based Immigrant Visas in an effort to clarify who is eligible to immediately immigrate vs. those cases that are likely to be eligible to immigrate in the near future.  Given the new Visa Bulletin process both the National Visa Center (NVC) and USCIS will allow applicants to file either with the NVC or USCIS based on the “B” Chart – this is the chart that is most favorable and suggests what visa priority dates will be processed in the near future.

We want to briefly explain two things – first although we can file based on the projection provided in B Chart, we cannot guarantee you will be processed for a green card within a particular time-frame if your priority date is not current on the A Chart.  It is obviously possible that you will be subject to roll-backs in visa priority dates and as a result we want to be cautious as to when we would expect an approval.  Second, with the benefit of early filing know that there is a huge difference in priority dates in many categories between the A Chart and B Chart and so filing on the first day of the period is not going to ensure better chances of processing when your priority date truly becomes current.

As this is very new information even our systems supplier does not have the updated information to allow us to run a visa priority check.  We are also getting a significant number of queries.  We will plan to reach out to all clients by end of the day on September 11th to kick off immigrant visa processing for those individuals who are current.  We are hopeful this new program will work more effectively than the old system and we are excited that clients will get the benefit of filing earlier for their immigrant visa, especially given the work and travel related benefits dependents are entitled to receive.


**This newsletter/memo is provided for informational and discussion purposes only.  It does not act as a substitute for direct legal contact on an individual basis.**

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