Huge Forward Movement in New October 2020 Visa Bulletin

News RoomFebruary 23, 2022

Huge Forward Movement in New October 2020 Visa Bulletin

Huge Forward Movement in New October 2020 Visa Bulletin

The new Visa Bulletin was released this morning by the Department of State, and it is quite the change both in terms of “Final Action Dates” and “Dates for Filing”. As we expected, with a new fiscal year, the EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 categories for “all other Countries” shows that it is current. What we did not know was how far the DOS would advance the Bulletin for India and China, and it is especially extraordinary for the “Dates for Filing” chart where EB-3 India is now January 1, 2015 – a jump of nearly five years.

Now we await word as to whether USCIS permits filing on the “Dates for Filing” chart, or it remains based on the “Final Action Dates” – we hopefully will confirm this by the end of the week.

Know that this forward movement creates a lot of opportunity and a lot of questions. To complicate matters, USCIS recently re-implemented the I-944 requirement with I-485 filings. The I-944 requires supporting documents that most clients cannot reasonably get within a few business days. As a result, we will likely file any immediate I-485s without the I-944 (note that given USCIS’ Monday announcement to start including the I-944 again, they did give everyone until 10/13/2020 before it is a mandatory pre-filing form).

Given how far ranging the possible impact of the Visa Bulletin is, we are now checking our records to see what cases may be eligible for Adjustment of Status filing, and again we will need to wait until USCIS confirms which list we should use.

There have been a number of relevant questions this new VB has raised including the following:

  1. My I-140 approval is for EB-2 with a Jan 2014 priority date, should I switch to EB-3?
    There are three elements to this question – first (1) whether USCIS will permit use of the “Dates for Filing” chart as the EB-3 priority date is not current on the “Final Action Dates” – we will hopefully know this at the end of the week; second (2), does your PERM allow for a transition from EB-2 to E-3 – in other words is it drafted in a manner that we can make an EB-3 argument; while most EB-2s are, not all will qualify and we would have to review this; and third (3) whether it is worth the effort to switch. Without examining every possible issue, if the employee’s wish is to get a work permit for themselves or a spouse or teenage child this will accomplish that. It will also give the main applicant some additional protections in the event of a job loss for any reason. So generally speaking, this ability to get into the AOS queue provides additional stability and benefits. On the flip side, anyone with a later priority date should be aware of the likelihood that the Visa Bulletin could retrogress.
  2. Why is there such movement in this year’s Visa Bulletin?
    The very easy answer is that with consulates shuttered for over six months and the federal government freezing most family based immigrant visas, the government did not use all allotted IVs for the family-based quota for FY 2019. As a result, there are a number of immigrant visas that automatically are handed over to the business based immigrant visa quotas, and some have estimated we are getting an additional 100,000 to 110,000 extra IVs this fiscal year and that has created this unique forward momentum.If you have not heard from us and you have a case that appears current in the Final Action or Dates for Filing charts, please email us directly and confirm your priority date and employer and we will be in touch shortly.

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