We offer an ever-expanding library of informational webinars on a range of topics impacting employers and their foreign workers. From general guidance and best practices to breaking down new rules and proposed legislation, we strive to provide timely discussion on the issues most important to the clients we serve.

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H-1B Cap Season for Employees - What to Expect

David Z. Brown

This session covers in more detail the issues that affect foreign born employees going through the Cap registration process. During this discussion David Zaritzky Brown, Managing Partner, will walk H-1B Cap registering employees through the process. He will also drill down into spring/summer travel and timing issues related to Cap filing, contingency planning and likelihood...


Key Immigration Updates

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This session is dedicated to change and knowledge. In an area of continuous change, Managing Partner, David Zaritzky Brown, will bring you up to speed on recent changes in immigration policy and practice. He will also highlight some of the changes we still expect to see this year so you can plan accordingly. David will...

Back Up Options for Those Who Don’t Make the Cap Registration – U.S. Options

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Unfortunately every year we deal with multiple cases involving individuals who don't get accepted into the H-1B Cap and it is important to have a back up plan for your lawful status. Managing Partner, David Zaritzky Brown, will speak in depth about the options available to individuals who have not been accepted. Don't miss this...

Coming to America – a Quick Visa Primer

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This session is intended for companies considering a move into the U.S. market (and can also be helpful to visa novices who want to better understand certain visa classifications). Join us as Managing Partner, David Zaritzky Brown, leverages his 25+ years of experience with thousands of such cases to highlight the options available for companies...