Permanent Resident

Moving from Work Permit to Permanent Resident

After entering Canada and working, foreign workers can be eligible to apply for permanent residence.


Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada’s primary system for managing immigration across Canada (Quebec not included). Individuals (Express Entry candidates) become eligible based on three federal immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSWP). Once an eligible Express Entry profile is created, individuals are entered into a pool of candidates.

In addition to being eligible for Express Entry, candidates must be competitive to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Express Entry candidates are assigned Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) points based on criteria such as their age, education, work experience, etc. Generally, the Government periodically reviews the pool of Express Entry candidates and invites the highest-ranking individuals to apply.

Fast Track to Permanent Residence – For Startups

Moving from Work Permit to Permanent Resident This program offers a fast-track path to permanent residence for innovative entrepreneurs who want to establish their business ventures outside Quebec. Here’s what you need to qualify:

  • Own and Manage Your Business: You’ll need to have a controlling interest in your Canadian-incorporated business and actively manage it from within Canada.
  • Secure Support from Experts: Gain a valuable endorsement from a designated organization like a venture capital firm, angel investor group, or business incubator, demonstrating strong financial backing for your venture.
  • Meet Language Requirements: Demonstrate English or French language proficiency to meet the program’s standards.
  • Show Financial Stability: Have sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents upon arrival in Canada.

Provincial Nominations

Designed for individuals seeking Canadian permanent residence, Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) provide a distinct pathway for those interested in relocating to a specific province or territory, excluding Quebec. Each province and territory in Canada administers its own PNP, tailored to address unique economic and demographic objectives.

Navigating the application processes for PNPs can vary significantly from one province to another, and the requirements may or may not involve participation in the Express Entry system. It’s crucial for applicants to understand the specific criteria and procedures associated with the PNP of their chosen province or territory, ensuring a tailored approach to meet both individual aspirations and regional needs.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Entrepreneur Streams – For Startups

Are you a successful entrepreneur with substantial assets looking to invest and manage businesses in Canada? Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Entrepreneur streams can be your fast track to permanent residency.


  • Live and work in Canada: Gain permanent residency and enjoy the opportunities Canada offers.
  • Invest in your vision: Launch or acquire a business while actively managing it from within Canada.
  • Contribute to the local economy: Create jobs and contribute to the growth of your chosen province.

Tailored Approach: 
Each province has specific investment and assessment criteria. We’ll help you navigate the process and identify the program that best suits your business goals and investment profile.

Streamlined Process: 
We’ll guide you through the six-stage application process, including:

  1. Expressing Interest: Register your interest with your chosen province and showcase your business concept and investment plans.
  2. Invitation to Apply: Meet the score requirements and receive an invitation to submit your full application.
  3. Interview: Demonstrate your commitment and business acumen in a successful interview with local immigration authorities.
  4. Performance Agreement & Execution: Sign a performance agreement outlining your investment, hiring plan, and active management commitment. Receive a work permit to execute your business plan.
  5. Nomination: Fulfill the terms of the agreement and become eligible for provincial nomination for permanent residency.
  6. PR Application: Submit your federal application for permanent residency with your provincial nomination letter.
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