President Trump Plans to Temporarily Suspend Immigration into the U.S.

News RoomFebruary 23, 2022

President Trump Plans to Temporarily Suspend Immigration into the U.S.

We’ve been following the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our immigration system. Last night President Trump tweeted about shutting down immigration to the U.S. creating fear and concern for many of our clients. We wish we had information to share at this time but without clear details this is not possible.

We share the collective concern of our clients and we will of course review the Executive Order when it is released and advise our clients on how to proceed. However, it appears that it may be several days before we know more.

Prior to the anticipated announcement we want to caution any clients in a non-immigrant status in the U.S. to not travel out of the country in the immediate future while the uncertainty of a ban exists. We obviously don’t want to see clients stuck outside of the country for prolonged periods of time. We also can’t comment on the rumors of this possibly impacting certain visa programs, however, do know that a President does not have the power to sign an EO invalidating existing laws or existing visa programs. Furthermore, there are direct steps that can be taken to prevent such an overreach. Again, we will be sure to communicate on the substance of the EO when it is signed and is published; until we know the scope of the order we can’t advise clients accurately.

As a final note, we have been stepping up our outreach in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic in the hope to ensure clients are well informed of the impact that government reactions have had to our global system and U.S. immigration processes. Tomorrow and Friday David Brown, Managing Partner, will discuss the latest updates at the outset of his webinar titled “Immigration Compliance During Remote Work and Furloughs”. Since it is anticipated we’ll have a copy of the EO by end of day Thursday, we expect David will be able to provide more context in his Friday discussion. For information on the session, or to register, please see the text below.

Immigration Compliance During Remote Work and Furloughs Webinar [two dates to choose from]

In 30 minutes David Brown, Managing Partner, will discuss the key elements to pay attention to related to compliance in the age of work from home, or finalizing a RIF or furlough of your staff. This will give you the tools to properly ensure compliance and understanding in what are truly difficult times.

David will cover key points related to:

  • What employees have WFH compliance issues?
  • What if employees during Shelter-in-place work outside of the normal commuting distance?
  • Does the DOL really require a notice be posted or an H-1 amendment be filed?
  • Is there a differential approach to a furlough or RIF for the different work authorized status types?
  • What’s our best practice for minimizing disruption to our foreign national employees?

David will walk through specific examples and scenarios and draw on his experience handling these issues the last 22 years. After his presentation he’ll provide direct answers to questions and he is also available for direct consultation on these matters after the webinar. If your company or fellow HR colleague can benefit from such a session, please register, and invite your friends.

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