Breaking News: Brown Immigration Law at Collision Conference in Toronto

News RoomJune 10, 20240

Breaking News: Brown Immigration Law at Collision Conference in Toronto

On June 18th (11:30 EST), in Toronto, Founder and Managing Partner, David Zaritzky Brown, recognized by Business Insider as a Top Immigration Attorney, will be hosting a masterclass at Collision Conference. David will be highlighting key programs designed to make it easier for Canadian companies to enter the U.S. market (the largest market by GDP), and for both U.S. and Canadian companies to hire highly skilled foreign talent.

Alongside David, attendees have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, Bailey Anderson, Clinton Green, and Cheryl Anderson, SHRM-CP. Interested in connecting with our team at the Collision Conference? Connect with us on the Collision app and set up a 1 – on – 1 meeting!

In his Masterclass David will visa share strategies for Canadian companies to enter and access the U.S. market – whether to access capital or a larger market for your products, or attracting more qualified candidates, David will highlight seamless approaches to tackling visa challenges to ensure worry free access – whether the individual needs work authorization or simply worry-free travel. In addition to highlighting strategies for U.S. market entry David will also highlight how to manage immigration programs in both the U.S. and Canada to ensure you hire the best and brightest from around the globe to power your company. As technology becomes increasingly complex companies need the next generation of technology professionals to remain competitive, and with many of the top graduates from North American schools attending on student visas every company needs to have a strategy for immigration. In David’s talk he’ll outline how to best manage these opportunities to maximize the success of your organization to help it reach its potential, while also recognizing the benefits of diversity. Please join us at Collision Conference!

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