Breaking News – March 2022

News RoomMay 11, 2022

Breaking News – March 2022

H-1B Lottery Selections Rolling In

We wanted to briefly confirm that as of late Friday March 25, 2022 we started to receive selection confirmations against this fiscal year’s H-1B cap. As of this morning, we have continued to receive notifications of more selections from USCIS, which suggests to us the first round of this year’s lottery selections may not have ended. We have just started the process of notifying employees who have been selected and that will continue today and tomorrow.

We anticipate USCIS will officially announce the end of the first round, likely later today, or tomorrow March 29, 2022. Soon after the lottery closes, and after we have notified those applicants who have been accepted we will notify those applicants who have not been accepted in this first round. As a general reminder, for those who receive the unfortunate news of non-selection, know that last year they pulled an additional 40,000+ registrations in July and November so please know there is still time to be accepted.

We will provide news as soon as we can and when we have news. For those who have not yet been selected – we won’t provide an update until we know the lottery is over as we don’t want to provide news until we have a definitive yes or no on the status of your selection. And in the event that you are not selected and wish to discuss alternative status options please work with your HR partner to set up a time to confer with our team.

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