Breaking News: New Requirements for Mexican Nationals Traveling to Canada

News RoomMarch 4, 20240

Breaking News: New Requirements for Mexican Nationals Traveling to Canada

At Brown Immigration Law, we strive to be your company’s partner in growth and innovation, on a global scale. We continue our commitment to demystifying the complex immigration laws of the United States and Canada to provide efficient and effective immigration and global mobility support. Please find this month’s breaking immigration news below.


New Requirements for Mexican Nationals Traveling to Canada

Effective February 29, 2024, Mexican citizens traveling to Canada are subject to new requirements:

  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Requirements: Mexican citizens must now meet new criteria to qualify for an eTA. Mexican citizens are eligible for an eTA if 1) they are using a valid Mexican passport to fly to Canada, 2) they are going to Canada for a short visit (typically 6 months or less), and 3) they either have held a Canadian visitor visa in the past 10 years or currently hold a valid United States nonimmigrant visa.
  • Existing eTAs Cancelled: Any existing eTA will be automatically canceled for Mexican nationals unless they have a valid work or study permit.
  • Application Process: Those with eTA applications in progress must reapply for a new eTA or a visitor visa.

As a result of these changes, most Mexican citizens will require a visitor visa to enter Canada. An eTA is exclusively for air travel. This means Mexican citizens traveling to Canada by car, bus, train, or boat will need a visitor visa even if they are eligible for an eTA.

The new travel requirements for Mexican citizens will lead to an increase in consular applications for work and study permits as many will be unable to apply at the Port of Entry. If you have any questions about the requirements to enter Canada, please contact your Brown Immigration Law attorney to schedule a consultation.


Key Immigration Updates

In an area of continuous change, Managing Partner, David Zaritzky Brown, will bring you up to speed on recent shifts in immigration policy and practice. He will also highlight some of the things we still expect to see this year so you can plan accordingly. David will explain how those shifts have shaped current practice and how employers can take better advantage of new ways to manage the U.S. immigration process. This session captures the essence of the famous business phrase, “change or die”, as David reflects on some of the adjustments made in internal USCIS policy. Attending this webinar will help ground you in the key changes that affect business immigration processing. It will also prepare you to better plan your policies and think about the future in workforce planning. As always, David will provide ample time to ask questions about what’s next on the horizon.

Back Up Options for Those Who Don’t Make the Cap Registration – U.S. Options

Unfortunately every year we deal with multiple cases involving individuals who don’t get accepted into the H-1B Cap and it is important to have a back up plan for your lawful status. David will speak in depth about the options available to individuals who have not been accepted. Don’t miss this important talk to better understand the options available to stay in the U.S.

[Spoiler – many of these options are options regardless of an individual’s situation and so can be used by many others who aren’t in this situation. Ultimately this is a good primer on visa options available to individuals who are running out of time/may need a new status to rely on.]

Coming to America – a Quick Visa Primer

This session is intended for companies considering a move into the U.S. market (and can also be helpful to visa novices who want to better understand certain visa classifications).

Join us as David leverages his 25+ years of experience with thousands of such cases to highlight the options available for companies seeking to open operations in the U.S. David will cover common visa types such as the L-1, E-1, E-2, E-3, TN, IEP, and O-1 as he explains the various utilities for these visas in the context of new U.S. operations. In addition to outlining the various options, David will provide a few case studies to highlight how he typically works through the process of helping determine the best visa option for the initial management team. He’ll also touch on L-1 Blanket approvals and future green card aspirations for newly formed U.S. companies. As always, David is open for a question and answer period following the presentation. Come join David for this session and you’ll already be well ahead of the curve when you commit to starting U.S. operations.

*This webinar is offering SHRM Professional Development Credit.

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