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In recent years there have been significant changes in Canadian Immigration law, policy and process.  This includes restrictions on the types of candidates who qualify as Federal Skilled Workers (Immigrants), the process of applications filed in Canada or at consulates, and the introduction of the Canadian Experience Class immigrant application, to name a few.  While several have been encouraging, others have only made the process of immigrating more time-consuming and less certain.

At Brown Immigration Law we work to reduce the red tape and file clean applications as a way to limit the negative impact of slow government processing.  We provide services in all major areas related to business and personal immigration filings.  We support the business needs of a number of our multinational companies and smaller venture-backed startups, and we support individual business owners and Federal Skilled Worker applicants.  The process of securing work authorization for a specific worker can be a complicated and time consuming process given the multitude of available options that may possibly work – we do our legwork upfront and quickly determine the best option for gaining authorization for new employees.  We also provide assistance to individuals wishing to sponsor immediate family members, and also assist with travel issues by drafting/filing the necessary paperwork to support positive visa and entry decisions.

If you have a specific immigration need involving Canada we would be happy to provide a solution tailored to your need.