Checklist of E-2 Documentation

Immigration MemosFebruary 11, 2022

Checklist of E-2 Documentation

Please provide copies of any documents on this list that are available or relevant to your company/application.


  1. Articles and Certificate of Incorporation of the U.S. Entity and organizing resolutions (if LLC then organizing resolution and any correspondence between the members – where necessary we will draft the LLC resolution)
  2. Stock Certificates of the U.S. Entity (if applicable)
  3. If ownership of U.S. Entity is held by foreign company, then copies of share certificates in that company and corporate by-laws, and passport information pages for all shareholders to confirm shareholding by foreign nationals
  4. Federal Tax I.D. Number and IRS Form SS-4
  5. U.S. Corporate Bank Account Details (e.g., most recent statement)
  6. Evidence of the Transfer of Funds from Home Country to demonstrate investment from each investor (typically wire transfer)
  7. Property Deeds of Lease/Rental Agreements in the U.S. for office space
  8. Financial Statements of Company (if available)
  9. Promotional Material of the Company (brochures, letterhead, fax cover sheet, business card)
  10. Secured contracts with clients, Invoices issued to clients, or Reference Letters (e.g., prospective customers confirming intention to work with new company) (if applicable)
  11. Any Licenses Obtained (e.g., business license or state license)
  12. Photographs of Relevant Property (if applicable)
  13. Resumes(s) of Prospective or Actual Employee(s) and Social Security Number(s) – if payroll has occurred, quarterly recaps of payroll taxes
  14. List of Expenditures to Date, including but not limited to:
  15. Receipts and invoices within the last two years for all goods & services
  16. Car lease, rental or purchase agreement & statements in the U.S.
  17. Professional fees (including legal and accounting fees)
  18. Other service fees (consulting, graphic design, administrative, etc.)
  19. Travel expenses (including travel during business planning and formation)
  20. Office furniture and supplies
  21. Business equipment (computers, fax machines, printers, phones, etc.)
  22. Insurance policies
  23. Telephone bills (including calls from overseas to U.S. and vise versa)
  24. Repairs to property
  25. Brief Business Plan with Job Description and Projected Future Expenditures, including but not limited to:
    – Employees (payroll, taxes, benefits, etc.)
    – Office expenses (rental, insurance, supplies)
    – Equipment and furniture
    – Production costs
    – Marketing, advertising, legal, accounting and other services
    – The business plan should include financial projections for a FIVE YEAR period – the first 2 years should be broken down by month, the remaining three can be annual.


  1. Copies of Passport info page of Beneficiaries
  2. Resumes of Beneficiaries
  3. Educational Diplomas
  4. Job Description or outline for Each Beneficiary
  5. Two U.S. passport style photos for each Beneficiary and dependent family member
  6. Marriage certificate for accompanying spouse, birth certificate for accompanying child

This is an initial list required for the majority of applications. Depending on the type of case filed, we may require further documentation prior to filing. We ask that clients do their best to provide all the documents in one package.

Should you have further questions on the above, please feel free to contact the attorney responsible for your case.

** This newsletter/memo is provided for informational and discussion purposes only. It does not act as a substitute for direct legal contact on an individual basis **